Integrations OTA Insight

Oaky + OTA Insight

Automatically sell room upgrades at rates that follow demand, resulting in high conversion rates that positively impact your bottom line.

OTA Insight and Oaky integration launch
Dynamic Room Upgrade Pricing 2x


  • Automatically adjusted rates

    Make sure you’re getting in on the action. Upgrade rates will be automatically adjusted to demand and inventory availability.

  • Higher revenue conversion

    Hotels that tested the integration show a 17% uplift in spend per upgraded night with dynamic pricing switched on.
  • Realistic rates

    Align your upgrades with the market.
  • Automatically discounted room upgrades

    Keep your offering competitive with optional discounts.
  • Excellent conversion

    Oaky’s industry-leading conversion rate of 10.8% means that, of all guests who interact with Oaky, one in eight book an offer.

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