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* For hotel chains, please contact us for a custom pricing.
Disclaimer: The incremental revenue presented is using averages, get in touch with us for a more detailed overview of your hotel(s) upsell potential.

What you’ll receive

Pre-stay / In-stay plan includes:

  • Training and consultation

  • Access to knowledge base

  • Online support

  • Custom guest landing page per hotel

  • Sell ancillary services

  • Manage inventory

  • Online revenue reporting

  • Deal library of optimised upsells

  • Guest segmentation

  • Chain dashboard

  • Multi-language

  • Property Management Systems integrations

  • Channel Managers integrations

  • Online Travel Agents integrations

  • Messaging, Chatbot, CRM

  • Text messaging

  • Email

  • Optimised and automated pre-arrival guest messaging

  • Optimised and automated in-stay guest messaging

  • QR codes

  • Dynamic room upgrade pricing

  • 2-way integration

Earn a profit while delighting guests

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Enhanced guest experience

Oaky gives your guests the ability to choose services and items that they personally find valuable.

More incremental revenue

Personalised upselling rooted in data, sent at optimal times, has shown to positively impact ROI.

Less manual work

Oaky harnesses the power of automation to earn you more revenue per guest without burdening your operations.

What customers are saying

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  • Revenue & Reservations Manager
    from Branded in Utrecht (Netherlands)
    Positive star Positive star Positive star Positive star Positive star
    “It is super that we only have 1 system in use with all our upsell items and we reach all guests who left an email in their booking process.”
  • Revenue manager
    from Other in Москва (Russia)
    Positive star Positive star Positive star Positive star Positive star
    “I like the possibility itself for guest to add something to the stay, it looks really modern and improves image of the hotel. I am always proud to say we have such feature for our guests”
  • Revenue manager
    from Resort in Thailand
    Positive star Positive star Positive star Positive star Positive star
    “Working well for hotels that do not have developed their own website in a more efficient way.”

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