Refer Oaky. Earn €400.

Know a hotel or hotel group who could benefit from an upselling tool like Oaky? let us know!

What you get
You will receive 400 euros and you (and the referral) will receive free access to the Oaky course level 2 whenever a 1-year contract is signed and the first invoice is paid.

What you need to do
Share the details of the person you’re referring via the form on this page, and we’ll contact you when you’re due a reward.

Minimal requirements to make sure we can bring value for the referral

  • The hotel has at least 50 rooms
  • The hotel has at least 3 room types
  • The hotel has at least one in-house facility like a restaurant, spa or parking

*The referral program is only applicable for referrals that we are not in touch with already or haven't been engaging with for the last 6 months. Read the full Referral Program Terms.
* You are only eligible for one referral reward per referral (hotel or hotel group)

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