In stay upsell


  • Automate upselling when guests are in-house

    Digitise your guest experience further by letting them access deals through QR codes and in-stay messaging.

  • Add more convenience

    Help your guests book deals just by using their smartphones. They no longer have to go to the front desk or call reception to get their requests fulfilled.

  • Cut the workload for your team

    Your team is no longer tied to the phone — all incoming requests get approved and synced to your PMS automatically.

How it works

  1. Set up your upselling deals using your Oaky dashboard (use the Services Library for inspiration!) and match them with specific guest segments.
  2. Present your offers to the guest via in-stay messaging or QR codes
  3. After settling in, guests are free to browse in-stay offers to further customise their stay.
In a nutshell

Provide guests with ongoing access to your upselling deals through QR codes or in-stay messaging. Let them browse and book deals at their convenience and help your team handle guest requests faster.

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