How it works

Oaky enhances the guest experience and drives incremental revenue through targeted upselling.

Upsell opportunities at every phase

Let us lead the way through every stage of the guest journey.

  • Schedule
    Pre stay


    Automate pre-arrival communication while offering relevant services and upgrades to your guests.

  • Hotel bel
    Front desk

    Front desk

    Offer relevant upgrades & services upon check-in based on Oaky’s recommendation.

  • Qr code
    In stay


    Give your guests continuous access to relevant deals and add-ons throughout their stay using QR codes & email.

Hotelier journey

Oaky touchpoints for hotels.

The guest journey

Oaky touchpoints for hotel guests.

The hotelier and guest road

Oaky touchpoints for hotels and hotel guests


Check Big
Books a hotel
No.1 Upsell tool for hotels
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How it works
How to become a rockstar at upselling
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Receives pre-arrival communication
Their hotel proactively reaches out at convenient times via the right channel, with information relating to their upcoming stay.
How to Upsell - Hotels: Timing
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Best time to upsell
Oaky deals 2x
Guest browses relevant deals + upgrades
The guest is shown personalised offers at the right prices, allowing them to browse the hotel’s offering and tailor their stay from the comfort of their own home.
Learn more
OTA Insight and Oaky integration launch
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Learn about dynamic room upgrade pricing
Takes deal NL 2x
Takes deal
Guests are only shown offers that are available during their stay, which they can book in a single click.
Receives notification
The deal is automatically approved when a 2-way PMS integration is in place. When a 1-way PMS integration is in place, the hotel can approve the deal manually.
Oaky product in stay 3 van 113 2x
Re-sells standard room
Once the guest has upgraded their room, the hotel can re-sell the originally booked room.
Occupancy Rate
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Boost the occupancy rate with upselling
Pre Arrival Report 2x
Receives pre-arrival report
An email overview of upcoming deals and upgrades that need to be acted upon is received by the hotel.
Prepares requested services or upgrades
Check out hotel operations integrations


Location 2x
Arrives at the hotel
Front Desk Upselling Agent Facing Design 1
Upselling at front-desk
Front desk agents can suggest the most relevant upsells to guests at the right price based on Oaky’s recommendations
Turn your front desk agents into upselling superheroes
Optimises in-stay upsell opportunities
Hotels can update their in-stay upsell offering in line with availability to quickly respond to needs and current priorities.
QR scan 2x
Accesses relevant offers via QR code or messaging
Guests can access offers via QR codes in the comfort of their room, around the hotel or in messages sent by the hotel.
Oaky deals 1 2x
Guest take in-stay deals
🤩 Enjoys a memorable stay
💵 Boosts their profit
Discover your Incremental revenue potential
Analyze 2x
Analyses upsell data
Hotels can review the uptake of certain deals, identify areas of strength and weakness and use performance data to optimise their upsell strategy further for future guests.

Oaky works on every level

Learn how Oaky can have a positive impact on all aspects of your business.


Implement upsell content in a scalable way for all hotels using chain features.

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Revenue & Distribution

Maximise incremental spend per guest with automated upselling of personalised services and upgrades.

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Front Office

Use Oaky as an extra team member to help you upsell to guests throughout the full customer journey.

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Optimise and scale your upselling operations. Upsell early in the customer journey to anticipate demand.

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Marketing & Branding

Align your upselling strategy to your brand and speak directly to your guests via your preferred channels.

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Let’s talk about what Oaky can do for your hotel