Front Desk Upsell Automation

Don’t let upsell opportunities slip away during check-in. Generate up to 5% TRevPAR contribution
Front Desk Upsell

See Front Desk Upselling in action!


  • Empower your front desk agents to upsell like a PRO

    Equip your team with an intuitive recommendation system, enabling them to sell upgrades and services on the spot.

  • Motivate your team with Gamification

    Reward your team for successful upsells, positively impacting employee happiness. Track their achievements on a leaderboard.

  • Delight your guests with tailored upsell deals

    Guide your agents with real-time upsell prompts based on guest reservation data to increase conversion.

  • Minimise manual effort and generate up to 5% TRevPAR contribution

    Ditch spreadsheets and reduce manual work. Upsell only what’s available while making use of dynamic rates on your upgrades thanks to a two-way sync with your PMS.

Discover Oaky Front Desk Upsell Automation

Your new way to boost revenue at the front desk

Discover Oaky Front Desk Upsell Automation
Front Desk Upsell Automation - Oaky
Discover Oaky Front Desk Upsell Automation
Front Desk Upsell Automation - Oaky

What is Front Desk Upsell automation

Front Desk Upsell automation is a recommendation engine enabling your front desk agents  to offer your guests personalised upgrades/services upon check-in. 

With real-time prompts from the Oaky dashboard, they can suggest the most relevant upsells, boosting your upsell revenue and taking your guest experience to the next level. 

We've made tremendous progress with Oaky. We've successfully kicked off upselling rooms and other items at the front desk, which has resulted in a significant increase in our revenue.
Michiel Pillows Hotels
Michiel Bogaert
Corporate Revenue and Distribution Manager | Pillows Hotels

Transform your upselling at check-in

Seize upsell opportunities at the front desk and delight your guests