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Oaky + hotelkit

Oaky and hotelkit’s integration allows you to streamline the operational aspect of your upselling initiatives by instantly allocating related tasks to relevant departments in your hotel.

Integration Hotelkit & Oaky | Oaky
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  • Automatically delegate tasks to multiple departments

    If a deal requires the attention of several departments, hoteliers can define specific recipients from various departments.
  • Streamline technology use

    Your staff no longer need to log in to multiple platforms. You can manage upselling tasks in the same place you manage the rest of your operations.
  • Take care of your employees as well as your guests

    Cut out the stress of missed tasks and extra manual work. Enhance your team’s workflow by reducing mistakes and miscommunication.
  • Excellent conversion

    Oaky’s industry-leading conversion rate of 10pm .8% means that, of all guests who interact with Oaky, one in eight book an offer.

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