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Oaky + RMS Cloud

Oaky & RMS Cloud's integration allows hotels and hotel chains to send personalised offers and upgrades to guests automatically.

Oaky - No.1 Upsell tool for hotels (Oaky Demo)
Oaky - No.1 Upsell tool for hotels (Oaky Demo)


  • Reduced manual work

    Deliver the right deal to the right guest at the right time without lifting a finger.

  • Improved guest experience

    Delight your guests by providing a selection of personalised offers and room upgrades, bookable in one click.

  • Creative approach to upselling

    Looking for upselling inspiration? Our Deal Library offers over 80 curated deals across multiple categories to help you set up new enticing deals.

  • Broadened reach

    Reach both direct bookers and OTA guests to drive more sales and a higher ROI for your hotel.

  • Segmentation

    If your hotel’s system supports guest segmentation, Oaky supports it as well. Tailor your offers to your guest personas and their unique needs, starting with providing deal content in their native language.

  • Excellent conversion

    Oaky’s industry-leading conversion rate of 10.8% means that, of all guests who interact with Oaky, one in eight book an offer.

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