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Hotel Marketing Strategy: Brand equity

COVID Strategy Series Hotel Marketing and Brand Equity
Apply universal brand equity principles to your hotel marketing strategy to supercharge your brand image

In the final instalment of the Hotel Marketing category of our COVID Strategy Series, we hear from marketing experts Perryn Khoo, Digital Account Manager at WME Australia and Luis Enrique Galdamez Echeverria, CEO of, about ways to reinforce your hotel's brand image in time for market recovery. Go back to basics –rebuild your approach to hotel marketing to improve your brand equity! If you find this article useful, feel free to share it.

  • Clearly define your business and USP
    Perryn's chief piece of advice in terms of brand equity is this: distill your reason for existence into as short a statement as possible, then be sure to consistently and clearly use this statement throughout all of our brand’s messaging. Weave this sentiment through your staff training, customer education, social media and PR, so that it is omnipresent in both private and public-facing arenas.
  • Educate yourself on the people that form your community
    Research demographics and interests in your past and current customers to learn how best to speak to them. Consider whether your ideal customer is included within these groups or not. If not, devise new lines of communication, content and amplification that would resonate with them.
  • Make use of your partnerships
    Explore guest blogging opportunities with complementary businesses and peers to build backlinks to your site. The options here are limitless. Start by checking if you can write a guest post for local companies such as tour operators, entertainment or lifestyle businesses. See if you can put together a feature about your destination for a newspaper or magazine (online or print) or collaborate with other travel and tourism brands you share an audience with.
  • Build your community on a story you want to tell
    Use your company’s mission and history to craft a story that will underpin your efforts in community-building. A story-driven approach like this will not only help you create a personal connection with your audience, but will allow you to showcase your property as a destination with a story, rather than ‘just another hotel’.
Build a story around your brand

Build a story around your brand
Build a story around your brand
Build a story around your brand
Build a story around your brand

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