Customers From cumbersome to profitable and streamlined: the upsell transformation at Amari Phuket, part of ONYX Hospitality

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From cumbersome to profitable and streamlined: the upsell transformation at Amari Phuket, part of ONYX Hospitality

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Amari Phuket is a stunning, 5-star resort nestled in the secluded part of Patong Beach, Thailand. Part of the ONYX Hospitality Group, the resort provides guests with a private paradise featuring captivating views and a variety of enticing guest experiences and activities.

Andres Abril, the Director of Revenue at the ONYX Hospitality Group, has shared his insights on how Oaky played a crucial role in making the upselling process seamless and effective, addressing their major pain point — manual upselling that yielded limited results and was cumbersome to implement.

Read on to explore how Amari Phuket overcame the challenges of manual work and elevated the guest experience.

Challenges: Dealing with a cumbersome upselling process that fell short of enhancing the overall guest experience

According to Andres Abril, the resort recognised the necessity for a tool like Oaky when they realised the importance of having a reliable upsell software solution to streamline and automate their upselling strategies.

The manual upselling process was time-consuming and didn't significantly enhance the guest experience. Hence, they began searching for a user-friendly solution not only to streamline upsells but also ensure personalised, guest experiences, ultimately serving as a driver for additional revenue.

Objectives: Automation, simplicity, and enhanced revenue

Given that the hotel's primary challenge was the lack of upsell automation, their adoption of Oaky was focused on streamlining processes. For the resort, it was crucial to use a solution that offers a simple and intuitive interface with a short learning curve. The software's ability to boost upsell revenue was equally important.

Easy and fast implementation thanks to guided support

The rollout of Oaky was quick and hassle-free for the resort team. As Andres points out,

"Our onboarding and customer support experience with Oaky has been nothing short of exceptional. The team was attentive and responsive and guided us seamlessly through the onboarding process. Any queries or concerns were promptly addressed."
Andres abril 2
Andres Abril
Director of Revenue at Amari Phuket

He also commends Oaky's support team for their focus on ensuring excellent results for the resort, "The overall support has been crucial in maximising our utilisation of Oaky's features".

Bottom line: A streamlined upsell process contributing to continuous revenue growth

As soon as the upselling process was set to autopilot, Amari Phuket started witnessing outstanding revenue results.

"Oaky has been instrumental in elevating our revenue performance. We witnessed a remarkable surge from under 100,000 THB (Thai Baht) to surpassing 200,000 THB monthly. This transformative impact translates into a substantial return on investment (ROI) for our property".
Andres abril
Andres Abril
Director of Revenue at Amari Phuket

In addition to that, Oaky’s contribution extended to enhancing the customer experience. Guests are consistently engaged with pre-arrival emails, which is reflected in high open rates (over 50% on average) and improved guest satisfaction.

To boost their revenue further, Amari Phuket has implemented the powerful integration between IDeaS and Oaky. Andres mentions that the integration implementation was fast and seamless, resulting in the amplified upsell revenue.

Amari Phuket results case study 1
  • Room upgrade revenue has grown by 251% since the IDeaS integration roll-out, and compared to last year, the average room upgrade price has increased by 209%. In September 2023, room upgrade revenue showcased a remarkable uplift of 778% compared to the previous period in 2022.
  • Total upsell revenue has grown by 202% on average since the IDeaS roll-out, presenting an impressive increase compared to the same period in 2022. In September alone, total upsell revenue soared, surpassing an extraordinary 555% increase.
  • High open rates (over 50% on average) have resulted in more than EUR 30,000 in upsell revenue generated for 2023.

"This successful collaboration stands as a testament to Oaky's efficiency in swiftly resolving challenges and delivering tangible, positive outcomes for our property," Andres points out.

For anyone considering using Oaky, Andres advises contacting the team as soon as possible and starting with their recommendations, gradually building up to better upselling strategies to unlock the full potential of Oaky’s upsell software.

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