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Oaky and Shiji: Unlock the power of automated and scalable upselling with a new two-way integration

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We’re thrilled to unveil our partnership with Shiji, the global hospitality technology innovator, along with a new two-way integration with its API-first property management system — Shiji Enterprise Platform (PMS).

By bringing this integration to the market, Shiji extends its eco-system of advanced hotel tech solutions, adding Oaky as the first hotel upsell software within its ecosystem. This collaboration and integration further highlight Oaky's commitment to providing robust and scalable upsell solutions catering to the needs of large hotel groups and chains.

What are the benefits of the Oaky and Shiji two-way integration?
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After certification and a thorough beta-testing process with several properties, this integration is now available for the Shiji Enterprise Platform (PMS) customers. Now, the Shiji customers are one step away from unleashing their revenue potential with Oaky’s award-winning upsell solution, empowering them to upsell to guests across the entire guest journey and ensure the perfect upsell every time.

"Collaborating with Oaky in this strategic partnership marks a key milestone for Shiji as we continue to evolve our API-first approach in the hospitality sector. By integrating Oaky's upselling software into our ecosystem, we empower our customers to effortlessly tap into automated and personalised upselling, improving the guest experience while simultaneously optimising revenue potential,"

says Brian Garvan, Director of Global Partnerships and Product Integration at Shiji.

Discover how this powerful integration will enhance your upselling process, taking it to new heights through automation, personalisation and scalability.

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What are the benefits of the Shiji Enterprise Platform (PMS) and Oaky two-way integration?

Upselling is an intricate process. More often than not, hoteliers struggle to implement it successfully at their hotels. When done manually, it turns into a real hassle at all levels — from your operations and front desk teams to revenue management.

Oaky comes in handy to make upselling a breeze for every hotel team, letting you unlock an additional revenue stream. With the two-way integration, Shiji Enterprise Platform customers can now enjoy the benefits of full automation, tapping into personalised and smart upselling that enhances the guest experience and drives revenue.

1. Unlock an ancillary revenue stream and boost TRevPAR

Oaky becomes a central point for managing your room upgrades and add-ons. Automation ensures consistency of your upselling efforts and equips your team with the tools to upsell effectively and hassle-free.

Your upselling opportunities never get overlooked, regardless of how busy your teams are. It leads to financial gains and lets you establish a new ancillary revenue stream, increasing TRevPAR through:

  • Presenting only available room upgrades and service deals to your guests, thanks to the two-way sync between Oaky and Shiji Enterprise platform

  • Segmentation and connecting your room upgrades and offers with segments that are most prone to opt for specific types of deals

  • Dynamic pricing and the ability to maximise your ROI from room upgrades.

  • Upselling across all the stages of the guest journey (from pre-arrival to in-stay).

2. Ensure fast scalability of your upsell efforts

One of the unique benefits of Oaky is that you can apply your upselling strategies to multiple properties in your portfolio at once. It perfectly aligns with the philosophy of the Shiji Enterprise Platform, which is designed for increased efficiency and scalability and tailored to the specific needs of large hotel groups and chains.

With the Oaky Chain Dashboard, your branding, upsell initiatives, content and more can be rolled out to all your properties or selectively to chosen properties in a fraction of the time. It gives you a comprehensive overview of upselling content across your portfolio and allows for effortless modifications as well as tracking your results across the chain.

3. Cut down on manual work and free up time for what really matters

As noted by many Oaky's customers, before Oaky, manual upselling management had posed significant challenges for hotel teams, especially when staff turnover is high, and finding qualified team members is a challenge on its own.

With the two-way integration in place, upselling tasks such as tracking available and purchased items, setting up deals, and connecting with guests become more streamlined and done more efficiently.

Here’s how:

  • A streamlined process means that your team doesn’t have to check the availability of each requested item in the PMS to approve your guest request. Purchased items are approved automatically and synced back to the Shiji Enterprise Platform (PMS) unless you choose otherwise.

  • Upon purchase, a note is added to the purchased item, notifying the relevant department. This alignment among your teams ensures that requested deals, services, and experiences are delivered in a timely manner.

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Upgrades and services purchased via Oaky automatically sync back to Shiji Enterprise Platform as Purchase Elements

Based on our data, automated guest request approval saves you 6 minutes per request. Just think about the time-saving advantage this provides for your hotel chain in a month!

4. Delight your guests

And, of course, one of the primary goals of the two-way integration is to make sure your guests will be delighted and enjoy the level of service they anticipate.

Personalisation has become a must over the last couple of years. With personalisation options in your Oaky, you can amaze your guests with a selection of deals tailored to their needs and expectations.

Moreover, the ability to approve purchased items right upon purchase will contribute to the positive image of your hotel. It will help you demonstrate your customer-centric approach and set your guests in the right mood for an enjoyable stay.

How does the two-way integration between Oaky and Shiji Enterprise Platform work?

We take care of setting up the integration between Oaky and the Shiji Enterprise platform. Once it’s up and running, there are a few steps that you need to take to kick off seamless upselling management.

  • Step 1: Customise Oaky to your brand

With a large portion of guests booking through OTAs, showcasing your brand at the pre-arrival stage cannot be overestimated. Use Oaky’s branding capabilities to align your pre-arrival emails with your branding. The Chain Dashboard will allow you to apply your branding standards to every hotel in your portfolio with a single click.
  • Step 2: Create your offers and deals

Decide on what you want to sell to your arriving guests. As you start, we recommend having room upgrades and all-time favourite guest deals such as breakfast, parking, and dining experiences at your restaurant, as well as room attributes (e.g. a room with a garden view, a room with a balcony, etc.).

If you need inspiration, head over to Oaky’s Deal Library, which offers a versatile selection of pre-filled deals across multiple categories.

Set up your rates and activate dynamic pricing management in case you use a revenue management system.

  • Step 3: Apply guest segmentation

Every guest is unique, and so are the experiences they want to get. Have you identified your guest segments? Make sure to enable segmentation so that relevant deals are linked to your defined segments to enhance personalisation.

You’re all set to start generating upsell revenue and delighting your guests!

How is Oaky integrated into your guest journey?

No upsell opportunity will slip away, as the two-way integration empowers you to streamline your upselling efforts at the three most crucial stages of the guest journey: pre-arrival (pre-stay), in-stay and at guest check-in (front desk). With the tool suite of three major products — Pre-stay, Front Desk Upsell Automation and In-stay, your full guest journey is covered:

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How can you enable the Oaky and Shiji Enterprise Platform two-way integration?

Are you ready to start harnessing the power of automated and smart upselling? Book a chat with an upselling expert to see how Oaky can automate your upselling and help drive revenue all year round.

Unlock the power of automated upselling

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