On-demand Oaky Feature Launch: Deal Library

Oaky Feature Launch: Deal Library

15 min

Join Oaky co-founder Erik Tengen and Head of Customer Success Saahil Karkera as they introduce a new feature - released in October 2020
Feature Launch: Deal Library
Deal library 2x

What you can expect

The Deal Library’s purpose in a nutshell

Why did we put together this comprehensive library of pre-filled deals and how it can help your hotel's every day operations

What's possible with the Deal Library

Selling those ancillary services has just got easier!

A hoteliers perspective

Oaky customers share their first impressions of using Deal Library

How to access the Deal Library

Customer of Oaky or not, we will make sure to share Deal Library insights with you

Meet the speakers

Take a look at the aweome speakers for this event

Saahil Karkera Oaky 2x

Head of Customer Succes

Saahil Karkera

Saahil is a master at managing projects, teams, and optimising business processes.

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Eric Tengen

Passionate about hostel tech & music, with a daring personality and uncanny ability to boost enthusiasm wherever he goes

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