Customers QO Amsterdam: Using upselling in hotel marketing


QO Amsterdam: Using upselling in hotel marketing

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Sustainable hotel QO Amsterdam discovered the branding benefits of upselling when their marketing manager Marlon Roosblad spearheaded their adoption of Oaky and automated pre-arrival upselling.
“We started using Oaky to capture guest data, so we could communicate with clients in the pre-arrival stage. This helps us achieve our marketing goal of telling our unique story of the ‘living building’ and the hotel’s many sustainable elements. Now, when our guests walk in, they already have an amazing feeling about the hotel and they can embrace the QO experience”
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Marlon Roosblad
Marketing Manager

How QO created cross-departmental upselling incentives

Using Upselling in Hotel Marketing
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QO involved several operations departments in their upselling incentive. In doing this, they were able to create a diverse list of deals that offered something for everyone and really accentuated their brand's USPs as a sustainable and modern hotel.

When bringing members of the marketing, revenue, housekeeping and front desk teams together, they reviewed agenda points similar to these listed below.

Deal performance

  • Checking for best-selling and least-selling offers
  • Analysing guest feedback on deals

How they could optimise pre-existing offers

  • What they could do to push slow-moving deals
  • How they could increase prices for top-sellers
  • How to drive sales by increasing a deal’s perceived value with extra inclusions
  • Which deals could use a reframe, with more exciting copy and images

Fresh deals to include

  • Areas of interest from a guest's point of view
  • Deals associated with upcoming seasonal events
  • Their staff's personal favourites from their own hotel experiences

Word-of-mouth publicity

  • How they could use local events, your staff's talents and your hotel's amenities to create talking points
  • How they could update run-of-the-mill deals to give them a wow-factor worth sharing or talking about
“Being responsible for Oaky as the marketing manager had a great benefit because it helped bring all the departments together for our upselling initiative. Now, we have a monthly meeting where we look at Oaky’s reporting, discuss our performance and brainstorm new ideas of services and offers we can introduce”
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