Customers Making it fun and profitable: How The Dean Cork has reinvented the digital guest journey with Oaky


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Making it fun and profitable: How The Dean Cork has reinvented the digital guest journey with Oaky

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A standout member of Press Up Hospitality Group, the Dean Cork is a boutique hotel located in the vibrant heart of Cork. Their motto, “We don’t do conventional, we do fun”, comes to life with features like a rooftop restaurant, a luxurious relaxation suite complemented by an indoor heated pool and thermal facilities, and a variety of guest activities that cater to travellers seeking fun and enticing experiences.

Charline de Montessus, Head of Marketing at Press Up Hospitality Group, discovered Oaky and decided that it offered the innovation that The Dean Cork and Hotel Group needed to kick off upselling at their properties.

Discover the transformational impact Oaky is having on the guest journey at the hotel and how The Dean Cork uses Oaky to engage with guests pre-arrival, while also enabling the team to unleash their creativity.

Challenges: Constraints of booking engine capabilities and lack of automated tools limit opportunities for upselling

1. Upselling confined to direct arrivals

Before adopting Oaky, The Dean Cork was missing out on opportunities to upsell to guests before check-in. The Dean Cork's front desk lacked tools that could automate much of the upselling process for suggesting room upgrades and services to guests pre-arrival. This resulted in a loss of potential revenue.

Charline highlights that with Oaky, they could find a way to give the front desk the software they needed and reach guests sooner. She explains

Oaky has revolutionised the upselling process by alleviating manual efforts for the hotel team and introducing a proactive strategy to engage upcoming guests before their arrival.
Charline de Montessus
Head of Marketing at Press Up Hospitality Group

2. Lack of strategic approach

The Dean Cork’s upselling approach had room for improvement. With Oaky's user-friendly interface, the upselling process became an enjoyable means of generating additional revenue. In return, the team was motivated to surpass their monthly goals continuously.

As Charline sums it up, “Excitement lies in the substantial revenue it generates, driving us to chase impressive results every quarter.”

She also added that Oaky’s support team played a huge role in being able to implement upselling efficiently.

Oaky's support team, incredibly helpful and always sporting a smile, made our onboarding journey a breeze. The swift and efficient onboarding process, coupled with the team's enthusiasm and comprehensive training, empowered us to navigate the Oaky dashboard seamlessly. Now, we confidently manage our branding, effortlessly update offers, and optimise upsells based on patterns, ensuring a dynamic and engaging guest experience.
Charline de Montessus
Head of Marketing at Press Up Hospitality Group

3. Neglect of the digital journey

Oaky helped The Dean Cork to see how the digital journey and guest experience are linked. Learning and optimisation should extend beyond the on-site experience and that by embracing digital guest journeys you can get inevitable revenue gains.

Charline explains,

Recognising the pivotal role of the digital guest journey underscores the impact it has on our overall guest experience, highlighting that off-site experiences can be just as meaningful and revenue-generating.
Charline de Montessus
Head of Marketing at Press Up Hospitality Group

Objectives: Intuitive upselling tool that integrates with the existing tech stack

The Dean Cork aimed to discover a user-friendly and efficient revenue-generating tool that not only streamlined operations but also offered a straightforward and intuitive interface for easy integration into their existing processes.

1. Streamlined booking experience

The Dean Cork sought to optimise the entire booking journey, guaranteeing a smooth and cohesive interaction with guests at every touchpoint.

2. Illuminate ancillary offerings

For the Dean Cork and the hotel group, it was important to enhance visibility and awareness of their exceptional swag and merchandise, along with on-site facilities, particularly for guests who may not actively check the website.

3. Capture the OTA market

The hotel aimed to unlock a fresh revenue stream and engage with guests previously beyond reach.

Bottom line: A high engagement with upsells, leading to increased visibility and sales for unique offerings and branded merchandise

Outcome #1* The Dean Cork has realised an outstanding average return on investment (ROI) of 18.23 since the beginning of the year.

Outcome #2* The Dean Cork boasts an impressive 80% average open rate, with one in ten guests opting for enticing upsell offerings, contributing to enhanced guest experiences and increased revenue.

Outcome #3* Achieving a notable 9.5% conversion rate in ancillary services

The Dean Cork has significantly elevated the visibility of special dinners in the rooftop restaurant and gym classes. This success is paralleled by a commendable boost in sales for branded beanies and hoodies, showcasing the hotel's adeptness at strategically promoting and monetising its unique offerings.

The dean cork results case study

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