Customers How PMG Hotels & Resorts enhanced the digital guest journey & TRevPAR through Oaky’s personalisation and pre-arrival upselling


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How PMG Hotels & Resorts enhanced the digital guest journey & TRevPAR through Oaky’s personalisation and pre-arrival upselling

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With origins dating back over 30 years, Putra Mas Group (PMG) Hotels & Resorts, a Balinese-owned enterprise, began as a humble venture. Today, it has transformed into an upscale luxury resort, offering guests stylish rooms, modern functionality, and premium amenities.

Andy Khen, Owner’s Representative, and Yudi Prajaksa, Corporate Senior Revenue & Distribution Manager at PMG Hotels & Resorts, are the Oaky champions within the group. Andy, an advocate for technology, brought Oaky on board to eliminate manual upselling and maximise TRevPAR. Currently, three of the four group properties leverage Oaky and are consistently happy with the results it delivers.

Explore how the group uses Oaky to automate upselling, personalise guest experiences, and achieve impressive revenue figures.

Challenges: Lack of upsell automation and low TRevPAR

1. Tiresome upsell process, limited only to the front desk

Before adopting Oaky at PMG Hotels & Resorts, the hotel team occasionally upsold to the guests at the front desk during the check-in or their stay. It was a tiresome process which didn’t move the revenue needle.

2. Inability to communicate a diverse range of hotel offers pre-arrival

At PMG Hotels & Resorts, we believe in the power of a consistent and well-structured, digital pre-arrival guest journey.
Yudi Prajaksa Photo profile
Yudi Prajaksa
Corporate Senior Revenue & Distribution Manager

However, before adopting Oaky, the hotel team couldn’t cover the pre-arrival stage of the guest journey. The hotel struggled to upsell its wide array of engaging and profit-driving deals pre-arrival, and upselling at the front desk didn’t generate significant profit gains, either. For example, airport pickup and breakfast deals, which now top the list of best-selling offers, couldn’t be upsold in advance due to the inability to communicate them to guests prior to their arrival.


1. Enhance guest satisfaction through customisation

PMG Hotels & Resorts sought a solution to improve the guest experience by allowing guests to customise their stays before arrival. The goal was to inform guests of available offerings that could elevate their stays, catering to specific preferences.

2. Increase ancillary revenue with streamlined upselling

Recognising the need for a hassle-free process, PMG aimed for better revenue results by integrating a solution that could sync seamlessly with its channel manager. The objective was to reach out to arriving guests proactively, inviting them to personalise and customise their stays with appealing deals and services.

3. Boost TRevPAR through personalisation

With diverse amenities and creative events at the hotel, the team looked for a tool to upsell the right deal to the right guests and avoid selling repetitive deals. The goal was to present deals to the guests that they hadn't purchased yet, increasing TRevPAR with a more thoughtful deal selection.


1. Increased ancillary revenue and TRevPAR

The implementation of Oaky resulted in a rapid increase in ancillary revenue and TRevPAR across the hotel and two additional properties in the group. Pre-arrival emails provided guests with access to a full selection of add-ons and services, such as airport pickup, breakfast, and hotel events like a Drag Queen Show or Beatles night. These quickly became guest favourites and multiplied the ancillary revenue.

Since the start of 2023, Bali Niksoma has achieved an average ROI of 8.45. In September 2023, it soared to an exceptional 18.43, marking the most lucrative month in 2023.

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2. Enhanced guest experience

Guests engaged actively with pre-arrival offers, which is evident in consistently high email open rates and conversion rates. In fact, in 2023, PMG Hotels & Resorts achieved an average email open rate of 79.5%, with a conversion rate of 9.5%, showcasing guest appreciation for the opportunity to book enticing offers before arrival.

3. Streamlined work for the hotel team

Automated pre-arrival offer send-outs and synchronisation with the hotel’s channel manager significantly reduced the burden of manual upselling. On top of that, the chain dashboard ensures consistent branding and deal selection across hotels, saving time and reducing manual work. The front desk team no longer has to contact each guest to communicate deals and offers individually. Not less important is that Oaky’s segmentation allows hotels to set up different deals based on booking types and packages, enhancing deal relevance.

Thanks to Oaky, manual work during the upselling process was eliminated, allowing the team to focus on more strategic initiatives. The software’s simple learning curve empowered the team to achieve results quickly, making a positive impact from the get-go.
Andy Khen Photo Profile
Andy Khen
Owner’s Representative

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