Customers How a luxury island resort shifted from manual upselling and established a robust ancillary revenue stream


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How a luxury island resort shifted from manual upselling and established a robust ancillary revenue stream

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SAii Phi Phi Island Village is a tropical resort on a private, 800-metre stretch of pristine white sandy beach in the Andaman Sea, Thailand. It’s part of S Hotels and Resorts, a fast-growing hotel management company with 38 hotels in top destinations and renowned for crafting luxurious guest experiences. SAii Island Village is a true 5-star gem, offering its guests 189 traditional Thai-style bungalows and 12 exclusive Hillside Pool Villas, as well as a range of facilities.

Thom Dirkse, the Director of Digital Marketing at S Hotels and Resorts, recognised the necessity of providing personalised guest experiences through upselling and the potential revenue these could generate. However, the manual implementation of the process proved laborious and unproductive.

Discover how Oaky assisted SAii Phi Phi Island Village in implementing streamlined and personalised upselling, leading to incredible revenue results.

Challenges: Inefficiency of manual upselling resulted in missed revenue opportunities

1. Laborious upselling process and inability to upsell services effectively

As Thom pointed out, before adopting Oaky, SAii Phi Phi missed opportunities in delivering personalised, pre-arrival experiences to guests, resulting in a loss of potential revenue. Their attempts to introduce the upsell process were unsuccessful due to the staff shortage and limited opportunities to upsell at the front desk. The front office team’s manual implementation of upsell deals proved laborious and primarily boiled down to room upgrades.

2. No system to present available services to guests upon arrival

The resort found it really challenging to make guests aware of the deals and ancillary services they had on offer. Having a range of on-site facilities, it felt like they were not reaching their full potential.

3. Inconvenience of the upselling process for guests

Guests were also missing out on personalised and exclusive experiences that, in fact, were available on the property.

Objectives: Automated upsell process that delights guests & drives revenue

SAii Phi Phi aimed to implement a sophisticated upsell solution that was not only capable of addressing all their upselling needs but was also robust enough to unlock a new, solid revenue stream for them.

1. Establishing an additional revenue stream

The resort sought to optimise upsells by showcasing distinct experiences to both direct bookers and OTA guests, which opened new avenues to generate additional revenue beyond traditional bookings.

2. Automated upselling

For SAii Phi Phi, it was crucial to implement an upsell tool seamlessly integrated with various PMS systems while offering an intuitive interface.

3. Ongoing source of inspiration for guests

Recognising the evolving preferences of modern travellers, SAii Phi Phi Island Village’s objective was to provide guests with ways to inspire creative and memorable experiences. Oaky not only became the point of inspiration for guests but also the software that enabled them to purchase these experiences.

The selection process

During their research process, Thom Dirkse evaluated Oaky's product differentiators, customer support, and holistic value as a strategic partner and ultimately decided that Oaky was the best-fit solution:

We experience excellent customer support. The insightful monthly breakdowns from Oaky guide us in refining our room upgrades and enhancing our services. As a young and progressive company with a professional approach, Oaky aligns seamlessly with the mentality of S Hotels and Resorts, both dedicated to constant development and improvement.
Thom Dirkse
Thom Dirkse
Director of Digital Marketing at S Hotels and Resorts Thailand

Bottom line: Streamlined upsell process that has delivered an average ROI of 47.65 in 2023

The introduction of Oaky’s automated Pre-Stay module revolutionised this process. Now, the hotel team can proactively present enticing, personalised upsell offerings to arriving guests. Beyond room upgrades, they can also showcase ancillary services, including exquisite options like Beach Dinners under the Stars, Island Exploration Tours, and Floating Breakfasts.

S Aii Phi Phi Island Village results case study

This not only heightens guests' anticipation of their stay but also empowers the hotel team to prepare the requested services in advance, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience upon guests’ arrival.

After rolling out Oaky, SAii Phi Phi achieved record-high results and generated extra revenue by optimising their selection of deals, thanks to the monthly reporting provided by Oaky.

Throughout the year, we consistently beat new revenue records, with some months exceeding upsell revenue of 800,000 Thai Baht (around EUR 20,790). The ongoing success is evident, and we're seeing positive trends that indicate the potential for even higher achievements. While our initial goal was to generate 1 million Thai Baht in a single month next year, the prospect of surpassing that milestone is now within reach, thanks to the innovative two-way Oaky & OPERA Cloud integration we recently activated.
Thom Dirkse
Thom Dirkse
Director of Digital Marketing at S Hotels and Resorts Thailand

A whole host of ancillary services is offered on the property, ranging from captivating experiences like Dinner Under the Stars to Island Exploration to Enticing Spa deals and Romantic Packages. This not only resulted in diversified revenue streams but also elevated the overall guest experience at SAii Phi Phi.

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