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Crafting luxury: Anantara's personalisation journey with Oaky

Anantara Dubai

Part of Minor Hotels, Anantara Hotels and Resorts epitomises luxury and unforgettable experiences, making them the ultimate choice for discerning travellers. Nestled in the heart of Dubai, Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort and Anantara World Islands offer distinctive coastal sanctuaries with a unique charm.

The Palm, boasting 400 metres of private shoreline, features exclusive overwater villas with stunning views of the Arabian Gulf, while World Islands beckons guests to a secluded paradise on a private island. Whether floating on water at The Palm or embracing the tranquillity of the World Islands, both Anantara properties redefine luxury, offering unparalleled escapes in Dubai.

Anna Liza Feir, Cluster Reservations Manager at Minor Hotels, sheds light on how corporate initiatives to introduce Oaky upselling software have evolved into innovative strategies for boosting ancillary revenue and crafting tailored offers.

Read on to discover how Anantara World Island and The Palm Dubai have mastered personalisation, enhancing the guest experience pre-arrival while achieving impressive revenue results and fostering collaboration between departments.

Objectives: Personalised journeys that speak to the guests and drive incremental revenue

Anantara The Palm and World Islands sought a solution to elevate incremental revenue and enhance guest engagement by delivering personalised experiences and offers.

1. Segmenting deals to incorporate personalisation

Anantara was looking for a way to offer personalised deals to specific hotel guests. With luxurious villas on-site, they were looking for a solution to offer this delight to certain guests before arrival.

With Oaky, they can highlight these types of creative deals. Deep personalisation of deals leads to unforeseen revenue gains.

As Anna Liza explains:

Oaky's unique user design and intuitive features, like swiping left on pictures, give us a distinct edge. The advantage of providing guests with exclusive discounts before arrival aligns perfectly with our focus on rewarding those who book in advance. This proactive approach to pricing has significantly impacted our revenue, and Oaky's contribution goes beyond just upselling.
Anna Liza Feir 1
Anna Liza Feir
Cluster Reservations Manager at Minor Hotels

2. Enhancing the guest experience by highlighting relevant deals

In response to longer stay durations, the hotels aimed to streamline the guest experience by minimising the need for manual exploration of experiences. The goal was to offer guests a multitude of options to enhance their stay seamlessly before arriving at the property.

3. Increasing incremental revenue

The resorts sought a solution to augment their revenue stream while prioritising a seamless and frictionless process for guests to enhance their overall stay.

Bottom line: Personalised upselling that has delivered revenue of as high as AED 55,000

Since the implementation of Oaky, Anantara World Islands and The Palm Dubai have witnessed a notable surge in guest engagement, coupled with impressive revenue achievements like these:

Outcome #1* Anantara World Islands has achieved an exceptional average ROI of 52 since the beginning of 2023, while Anantara The Palm has seen an average ROI of 28.

Outcome #2* With email open rates soaring to 79% in both resorts, Anantara experienced upsell revenue peaking at AED 55,000 (EUR 13,746) in certain months.

Outcome #3* Oaky has not only laid the groundwork for increased collaboration and teamwork, revolving around upselling strategies and maximising ancillary revenue but has also succeeded in bringing teams closer together.

Anantara Bedroom
Bedroom view of Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort. Image provided by Ice Portal
Swimming pool
Pool view of Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort. Image provided by Ice Portal

While the tool and its features were brand new to their team, Anna Liza commends Oaky’s customer support that made the onboarding process easy, “We had our dedicated customer support manager, guiding us every step of the way. Adapting to changes is never seamless, but Oaky's support made the transition smoother. Timely assistance and effective customer service ensured our continued interest and effectiveness in using the platform."

Anna Liza adds,

Oaky fosters collaboration and builds bridges between departments. Our weekly group discussions involving Spa and F&B teams have proven invaluable for driving incremental revenue. Thanks to Oaky, communication and teamwork within our organisation have reached new heights, strengthening our collective efforts to enhance the guest experience and maximise revenue.
Anna Liza Feir 1
Anna Liza Feir
Cluster Reservations Manager at Minor Hotels

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