Customers Monetising services: How Grand Hotel De Draak has transformed ancillary services into revenue opportunities with Oaky


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Monetising services: How Grand Hotel De Draak has transformed ancillary services into revenue opportunities with Oaky

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Grand Hotel De Draak, located in the cosy and historic city of Bergen op Zoom, proudly holds the title of the oldest hotel in the Netherlands (est. 1397).

While preserving its rich traditions and offering guests beautiful rooms in 14th and 15th-century architectural styles, the hotel seamlessly blends the past with the present. Grand Hotel De Draak ensures contemporary comforts and innovation, by embracing modernity and digitising its guest upsell journey through Oaky hotel upsell software.

Sander Doggen, Duty Manager at Grand Hotel De Draak, sheds light on how the team uses Oaky to upsell services pre-arrival, drive ancillary revenue and amaze guests with a versatile selection of offerings and experiences.

Discover how the hotel team has improved their service upsells through Oaky and reached a 1750% increase in upsell revenue over the course of 8 months.

Objectives Grand Hotel De Draak pursued with the Oaky implementation

Grand Hotel De Draak team looked for a solution to make the most out of their ancillary services such as cross-selling Restaurant 1397, F&B deals and other enticing offerings (which include Plant a Tree for your stay and Wellness packages, etc.) with the goal of unlocking more revenue and delighting guests.

Objective 1: Cross-selling the restaurant

Part of Grand Hotel De Draak, Restaurant 1397 stands as a culinary gem in North Brabant, a province in the Netherlands. Recognised for its delectable cuisine and exceptional service, the restaurant has earned a prominent place in the local food scene.

Acknowledging the significant revenue potential of cross-selling, the hotel actively sought solutions to enhance cross-selling efforts and attract more guests to experience the exceptional dining offered at Restaurant 1397.

Objective 2: Fueling revenue

The hotel aimed to leverage upselling software to unlock an additional revenue stream. Featuring diverse facilities such as the above-mentioned Restaurant 1397 and wellness and fitness areas, the goal was to maximise the usage of all the inventory and guide guests in exploring supplementary amenities, thereby elevating their overall experience.

Objective 3: Elevating the guest experience

Placing the guest experience at the forefront of their strategy, the hotel team explored avenues to enrich guest stays. Despite having an array of offerings, the challenge was to ensure guests were fully aware of the available amenities and facilities during their stay.

Oaky hotel upsell software became the key platform for the hotel to showcase its offerings and packages, empowering guests to customise their stays according to their preferences.

Results: Achieving a 15% service conversion and a remarkable 1750% uplift in ancillary revenue within 8 months through pre-arrival upselling

The hotel achieved an impressive average service conversion rate of 15% and an ancillary revenue growth of 1750% in just eight months through streamlined, pre-arrival upselling.

Outcome 1: Ramping up service conversions

Since the implementation of Oaky, Hotel De Draak has experienced significant growth in service conversions, leading to a substantial ancillary revenue uplift.

In just eight months, ancillary revenue surged from 297 EUR (February 2022) to 5,000 EUR (October 2022), marking an incredible 1750% increase.

Sander notes,

We consistently achieve an additional 5,000 EUR in upsell revenue each month, which I see as a positive outcome.
Sander Doggen
Sander Doggen
Duty Manager at Grand Hotel De Draak

Outcome 2: Boosting guest satisfaction

High open rates of pre-arrival emails, averaging 71%, signify active guest engagement with exciting offerings presented pre-arrival. The top three best-selling deals include:

  • Breakfast throughout the stay

  • Reserving a table at Restaurant 1397 with a complimentary glass of bubbles

  • Room upgrades.

Outcome 3: Involving guests in the hotel’s sustainability journey

Sustainability initiatives, particularly the "Plant a Tree for Your Stay" deal in collaboration with Oaky and Hotel for Trees, have gained traction among guests.

This eco-friendly deal incentivises guests to opt out of housekeeping, contributing to the hotel's sustainability efforts and planting a tree in exchange.

Sander highlights,

Our guests appreciate the “Plant a Tree for Your Stay with Hotels for Trees” initiative. It’s been one of our top-performing deals, and I’m happy to see that guests are willing to do their part for the environment.
Sander Doggen
Sander Doggen
Duty Manager at Grand Hotel De Draak

Sander’s advice for fellow hoteliers,

If you’re on the fence about implementing Oaky, you should just do it! The software is simple and easy to use. Plus, the support team is always there to help you. And, most importantly, it’s a lot of money in extra revenue every month.
Sander Doggen
Sander Doggen
Duty Manager at Grand Hotel De Draak

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