Customers An ROI of 18 and amplified personalisation: How Elite Hotels use Oaky to achieve fantastic upsell results


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An ROI of 18 and amplified personalisation: How Elite Hotels use Oaky to achieve fantastic upsell results

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Elite Hotels of Sweden is a prominent and well-respected hotel chain in Sweden, boasting over 30 distinctive properties in major cities. Guided by its core pillars — tradition, quality, and flair — the chain has built a reputation for delivering top-notch service, maintaining the hotel management tradition, and creating memorable guest experiences.

Given the diverse range of guests the hotel chain caters to, tailoring experiences to specific guest segments became pivotal in enhancing overall guest satisfaction.

In our discussion with Ronja McMullen, Assistant Director of Revenue Management, we explored how Oaky enables personalised guest experiences with segmentation, drives ancillary revenue, and ensures alignment of the value proposition across the entire chain with chain dashboard capabilities.

Objectives of Elite Hotels of Sweden aimed to achieve with the Oaky implementation

Elite Hotels of Sweden sought to diversify revenue streams by increasing ancillary revenue and boosting room revenue. They also aimed to streamline manual tasks for the hotel team and provide distinctive guest experiences tailored to loyal, corporate and leisure guests.

Objective #1: Boost ancillary revenue

To boost revenue from room upgrades, the chain sought a tool to empower teams to upsell room upgrades effectively, ensuring maximum occupancy and revenue capture.

Objective #2: Create unique guest journeys

Catering to a significant number of corporate guests, the hotel aimed to provide tailored deals for conference stays. Implementing a segmented value proposition for different guest personas allowed the hotel to curate unforgettable experiences for both corporate and loyal members.

Objective #3: Remove the manual burden of upselling

By introducing automated upselling, the hotel group aimed to relieve the front desk team of the manual efforts. This initiative not only freed up valuable time but also equipped the team with the right tools to offer room upgrades seamlessly through automated inventory management.

How does Elite Hotels of Sweden use Oaky today?

The Elite Hotels team started their transformative journey with Oaky in 2019, integrating the software seamlessly into their strategy. Since then, it has become an indispensable asset, consistently driving ancillary revenue and helping to reach exceptional financial milestones.

  • Harnessing Oaky’s segmentation to drive personalisation and revenue

Leveraging segmentation, the Elite Hotels team skillfully customises their offers to various guest segments. Attracting both business and leisure guests, the team recognised the need to tailor their offerings to the needs and wants of different segments.

With Oaky’s segmentation, they ensure that the right deals are presented to the right guests, featuring the right pricing and messaging resonating with specific segments. Moreover, it helps front desk teams focus on upselling more enticing deals rather than pushing additional items, such as robes and slippers, which are proactively upsold at the pre-arrival stage.

  • Maintaining brand consistency thanks to the Oaky chain features

With over 30 hotels under one umbrella, ensuring consistency is crucial for the brand image. For many OTA guests, Oaky’s pre-arrival emails serve as the initial touchpoint with the Elite Hotels brand.

Therefore, the chain dashboard proves extremely useful, allowing the hotel chain to apply unified branding across the entire portfolio and efficiently roll out and update the range of deals and services offered by each individual hotel through Oaky. This eliminates manual work and keeps multiple individual properties in sync.

  • Hassle-free automated upselling

With the recent two-way integration and PMS used by Elite Hotels, the group is poised to enhance automation and improve operational efficiency further. The integration is designed to minimise rejection rates, ensuring that no revenue opportunity will slip through the cracks, all while making life easier for the dedicated hotel teams.

Oaky is not just a tool; it's a delightful and rewarding experience. Our next goal is to double the revenue we generate with Oaky. With our emphasis on segmentation strategy and the implementation of a 2-way integration in the pilot, which has effectively lowered the room upgrade rejection rate, we are optimistic about reaching our new target.
Ronja McMullen
Assistant Director of Revenue Management

Outcomes summary

Elite Hotels of Sweden redefined their revenue landscape and achieved remarkable results across its chain with Oaky.

Outcome #1* An increase of 27.7% in room upgrade and service sales since Ronja McMullen has started implementing Oaky at the chain level.

Outcome #2* Elite Stadshotellet Karlstad and Elite Plaza Hotel Malmö showcased outstanding ROI, with values of 18 and 15, respectively, underscoring the impactful financial gains facilitated by Oaky.

Outcome #3* Elite Palace Hotel experienced a remarkable revenue growth rate of 63% compared to 2022.

Elite Hotels of Sweden results case study
Working with Oaky is a breeze. Their customer service is top-notch, making the learning process enjoyable as we explore various features, delve into detail, and experiment with different settings.
Ronja McMullen
Assistant Director of Revenue Management

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