Customers How Bernerhof Gstaad saves time and boosts revenue with automated upselling

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How Bernerhof Gstaad saves time and boosts revenue with automated upselling

The Bernerhof Gstaad hotel in Switzerland provides an abundance of offerings for travellers looking for a getaway, from ski and adventure packages to culinary experiences in its multiple restaurants. Oaky’s automated upselling technology allows the hotel to help tailor each guest’s stay to their preference, while also solving multiple challenges for the property.

Now using Oaky, the Bernerhof Gstaad is able to offer upgrades and services that the guests wouldn’t have known about, while also allowing guests ample time to consider these options before arrival. This allows the hotel to maintain a professional check-in experience at the front desk, where it otherwise might have been “too late” to upsell, and could have made the guest feel uncomfortable.

In addition to room upgrades, the hotel also saw a boost in F&B revenue as a result of increased restaurant reservations through Oaky. What’s more, they save valuable time at the front desk for every reservation made–an impressive 15 minutes per check-in for each reservation.

“It saves time, it saves work. We have so much to do at the reception, we are super busy, and this is really helping us out to still provide a good service.”
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Davide Messina
Front Office, Reservations, Revenue and Sales Manager at Bernerhof Gstaad

Messina cites the two-way integration with Protel, the hotel’s PMS, as one of the main benefits of Oaky. “We don’t have to do anything at all, and it’s working on its own! That is the coolest thing.” Encouraged by the success of the F&B deals offered through Oaky, he plans to expand the range of services that the hotel currently offers, to potentially include some exciting new sports packages.

By Zoe Abdel-Moneim

Case report

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