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Share upsell deals via text message before and during your guest’s stay.
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  • Increase convenience for guests

    Present upsell offers accessible from their phone.
  • Push deals according to priorities

    Take current hotel priorities during the guest’s stay into account, i.e. filling lunch slots at the restaurant.
  • Reach out to all guests

    Communicate with guests that haven’t yet shared their email address with you.
  • Make use of pre-translated templates

    These templates have been tested for high conversion rates.
  • Create smart communication flows

    Avoid unnecessary texts being sent, i.e. by sending texts to guests who haven’t engaged with your pre-arrival email.
In-stay Upselling by Oaky

In-stay Upselling by Oaky
Oaky office Natasha 5 W0 A9488
In-stay Upselling by Oaky
Oaky office Natasha 5 W0 A9488

How it works

  1. Enable text messaging as a guest-facing communication channel from your Oaky

  2. Make use of pre-translated templates, or create brand-aligned copy, and apply features like segmentation to ensure the right message reaches the right guest.

  3. Your messages will be automatically sent to the guest at predetermined times.

In a nutshell

Allow guests to browse deals on their phone before or during their stay with text messaging. Communicating a hotels’ upsell offering via text messaging is a practical way to access guests in a direct way that is convenient for them.

Ready to get started?

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