Upsell to your guests via personalised emails sent at optimal times before and during your guest’s stay.
Email 2x


  • High conversion rates

    With an average of 83% of emails opened by guests, our emails are an efficient way to connect with your guests.
  • Easy-to-use templates

    Update multi-language Oaky templates to align your emails to your brand’s tone of voice and visual style.
  • Optimal timing

    Present deals to your guests at optimal times and allow them to browse deals at their convenience.
  • Multiple languages

    Send emails in any of the 25 supported languages.
  • Brand-wide upselling

    Create consistency across multiple properties or brands by creating chain-wide templates.

How it works

  1. Enable email as a guest-facing communication channel from your Oaky

  2. Brand your email with a custom header, footer and use your brand fonts and colours.

  3. Make use of pre-translated templates, or create brand-aligned copy, and apply features like segmentation to ensure the right email reaches the right guest.

  4. Your personalised emails will be automatically sent to the guest at predetermined times

In a nutshell

With an average email open rate of 83%, hoteliers can trust Oaky to give their upsell offering the best chance possible at being considered. Oaky’s various integrations allow hotels to reach both direct bookers and OTA guests via email. In pre-arrival upselling, Oaky sends emails in 24 languages and at times proven to have a positive effect on guests’ receptiveness to upselling.

Ready to get started?

Explore Oaky for yourself or contact our sales team to give you a tour of the product. We’re sure we can help you out.