Chatbot & Omni-channel

Enable fully automated upselling via your hotel website's chatbot, Facebook messenger and WhatsApp.
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  • Upsell automatically

    Upsell via live chat on your hotel’s website, Facebook messenger or Whatsapp.
  • Reduce manual work

    Automate both your response and upselling efforts to make your live chat self-sufficient.
  • Waste no time giving guests what they need

    Avoid lengthy conversations to save your guest time.
  • Turn FAQs into incremental revenue

    Seize direct upselling opportunities before guests search for items like parking, restaurants and activities elsewhere.
  • Decrease cancellations

    Proactively offer guests relevant ancillary services that will make their stay unmissable.
Oaky & Quicktext

Upsell through your hotel website's chatbot

Oaky & Quicktext
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Oaky & Quicktext
Schermafbeelding 2020 09 18 om 14 12 37

How it works

  1. Oaky’s chatbot integrations use artificial intelligence to identify what a customer is asking for, and matches the request to an available and relevant deal on Oaky.

  2. Your guests can click for more information or directly book the deal from within your website’s chatbot, Facebook messenger or WhatsApp.

  3. Once a deal has been booked, Oaky automatically updates your PMS with the requested deal.

“25% of customers’ conversations via our chatbot were requests of extra services such as airport transfers, early check-ins or room upgrades. Thanks to our partnership with Oaky, hotel guests can request any deal or upgrade via live chat, Facebook or WhatsApp.”
Benjamin Devisme
Benjamin Devisme
Chief Evangelist Officer at Quicktext
In a nutshell

Thanks to partnerships with chatbots like Quicktext hotel guests can request a service or upgrade via live chat, Facebook or WhatsApp and have their needs serviced instantly via a chatbot. Chatbots use artificial intelligence to present an available deal that corresponds to the guest’s request. If the customer requests the deal, Oaky processes this in seconds, updating the hotel PMS and saving valuable staff time.

Ready to get started?

Explore Oaky for yourself or contact our sales team to give you a tour of the product. We’re sure we can help you out.