Dynamic room upgrade pricing

Maximise total revenue with dynamic room upgrade rates.
Dynamic Room Upgrade Pricing 1 2x


  • Maximise returns - minimise manual effort

    Dynamically priced room upgrades lead to a 35% increase in room upgrade revenue, all while reducing the manual workload for your team.

  • Drive profitability all year round

    No matter the season, Oaky & RMS integration allows you to maximise occupancy and boost revenue while keeping your rates appealing to guests.

  • Boost guest satisfaction

    Delight your guests with personalised deals while offering the best value for money.

How it works

  1. Your RMS supplies Oaky with live room availability and dynamic rates for all your room types.
  2. Guests automatically receive offers for available room upgrades at the optimal price via Oaky.
  3. Once a traveller books an upgrade, your RMS updates room availability for future upgrade offers.
In a nutshell

Set up your revenue management strategy for ultimate success by refining your room upgrade pricing precision. Thanks to Oaky's integrations with the leading revenue management systems, you can rest assured that you sell your room upgrades at the best possible rates, leveraging real-time market data and demand fluctuations.

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