Dynamic room upgrade pricing

Maximise total revenue with dynamic room upgrade rates.
Dynamic Room Upgrade Pricing 1 2x


  • Room upgrade revenue increases

    Hotels testing this feature saw a 17% lift in upgrade revenue.
  • Accurate room type rates

    Take advantage of room type rate fluctuations, automatically.
  • Sell rooms at competitive prices

    Make use of optional, automatically-applied discounts.
OTA Insight & Oaky

Dynamic room upgrade pricing

OTA Insight & Oaky
Dynamic Room Upgrade Pricing 2x
OTA Insight & Oaky
Dynamic Room Upgrade Pricing 2x

How it works

  1. OTA Insight collects real-time pricing data on all room types for the coming 30 days and sends it to Oaky.
  2. Oaky calculates the dynamic room upgrade supplement based on the difference between the booked room type and available room upgrades.
  3. Oaky presents the dynamic room upgrades to the guest before arrival, enabling the guest to buy it straight away.

Pilot Hotel Results

Park Plaza Westminster Bridge, a London hotel in the PPHE Hotel Group, immediately recognised the potential of room upgrade dynamic pricing in streamlining operations and increasing conversions. During their time piloting the feature in 2020, a period with less leisure demand, the hotel showcased impressive results – seeing a 17% increase in spend per upgraded night and a 20% increase in total upsell revenue.

In a nutshell

Oaky teamed up with leading data intelligence platform OTA Insight to bring a solution to market that brings adaptability, efficiency and flexibility to your hotel's revenue management. Dynamic room upgrade pricing allows hoteliers to present consistently accurate room upgrade supplements via their Oaky, via a real-time pricing data feed.

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