Hotel operations tools

Streamline service delivery with Oaky’s operations tool integrations
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  • Automatically delegate tasks to multiple departments

    If a deal requires the attention of several departments, hoteliers can define specific recipients from various departments.
  • Streamline technology use

    Your staff no longer need to log in to multiple platforms. You can manage upselling tasks in the same place you manage the rest of your operations.
  • Take care of your employees as well as your guests

    Cut out the stress of missed tasks and extra manual work. Enhance your team’s workflow by reducing mistakes and miscommunication.
hotelkit & Oaky

Streamline the operational aspect of your upselling with hotekit

hotelkit & Oaky
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hotelkit & Oaky
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How it works

  1. Your Oaky deals automatically triggers tasks in your hotel operations tool.

  2. For example, when a guest opts for a 3-course dinner deal, this request will alert all (or specific) staff within the hotel operations tool.

  3. Upsell-related tasks are added to relevant to-do lists in the operations tool.

“The Oaky + hotelkit integration has worked out very well for us. It was a big plus for our reception that they no longer have to log in to different systems all the time. Among several other things, we use Oaky, hotelkit and a booking engine. Before these platforms became integrated, we all got constant email notifications, alerting us that this and that was going on in different parts of the hotel. You really had to deal with the risk of missing things – the process was chaotic. When you integrate this all on one platform you have a super overview, giving everyone on our team access to everything going on.”
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Karin Snitgaard
Hotel Interlaken
In a nutshell

Oaky’s hotel operations tool integrations allow hoteliers to streamline the operational aspect of upselling initiatives by instantly allocating related tasks to relevant departments in the hotel. Incoming upsells appear within the operations tool, reducing the chance of missed notifications. These integrations also allow for relevant team members to be directly alerted, saving hoteliers from manually delegating tasks.

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