Distribute your upsells as part of your hotel's email sequence with Oaky’s CRM integrations
CRM 2 2x


  • Enjoy the best of both worlds

    Take advantage of expert upselling and refined email management, simultaneously.
  • Keep your email communication consistent

    Keep the look and feel of all email the same by adding links to Oaky landing pages within your CRM platform.
  • Personalise using CRM reservation data

    Segment your upsell offering based on key booking attributes received from your CRM
  • Bolster your loyalty programme

    Use the integration to offer exclusive deals or freebies to those in your loyalty programme segment.
  • Supercharge your CRM

    Make your emails go further with inbuilt incremental revenue generation

How it works

  1. CRM sends reservation data to Oaky

  2. Oaky automatically creates login links and sends these to CRM

  3. Hoteliers can add the Oaky login link to an email template within CRM

  4. Guests clicking on the Oaky link in the CRM email will be taken to the Oaky guest landing page featuring personalised upsell offers.

In a nutshell

Oaky’s CRM integrations allow Oaky upselling to take place within CRM ecosystems, enabling hoteliers to manage Oaky emails via their CRM platform and seamlessly incorporate their upsell initiatives into their current email sequences.

Ready to get started?

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