Image gallery

Showcase the benefits of your add-ons and upgrades from every angle.
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  • Optimise your upselling

    Provide ample visual information to facilitate guests’ decision-making process and make it more likely that they’ll book a deal.
  • Accurately portray room upgrades

    Research shows that at least 4 room images plus one bathroom image is optimal in convincing guests to book or upgrade a room.
  • Appeal to an emotional narrative

    A picture says a thousand words! Guests are more likely to feel an emotional pull towards an item or experience if you stimulate their imaginations visually.

How it works

  1. Choose the best photos of each aspect of the deal or room upgrade. Make sure they are well-lit and uncluttered.
  2. Upload enough photos to showcase your item, service or upgrade fully, emphasising key selling points.
In a nutshell

Having multiple images of an attractive offer can help hotel guests in their decision-making process and sway them in the direction of a hotel’s upsell. Hotels that use several photos of each deal allows guests to scroll through curated images showcasing different aspects of the offering, each emphasising a particular selling point.

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