the Hotel Upselling Awards 2021

20 min

Join Oaky's co-founder Erik Tengen presenting the Hotel Upselling Awards 2021. The winners of the most creative, top selling and idea breakers will get revealed!
The Hotel Upselling Awards 2021 - The Revenuemanager the Series
Upsell awards 21

What you can expect

Get inspired by the selection of the top upsell deals of Oaky

The best performing deals, the most creative deals, the hottest newcomers of 2021

What are great deals without great context?

Learn what contributes to building the ideal guest experience

Meet the speaker

COF Erik Tegen COF Erik Tegen5 W0 A3912

Co-founder at Oaky

Erik Tengen

Passionate about hotel tech &music, with a daring personality and uncanny ability to boost enthusiasm wherever he goes

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