On-demand Hotel Upselling: Introduction to hyper-personalisation

Hotel Upselling: Introduction to hyper-personalisation

15 min

Join our Customer Success Champion Carmen as she highlights how hotels have shifted to an omni-channel promotion approach and why guests are happy to supply hotels with personal data.
Introduction to personalisation by Oaky
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What you can expect

Hotel guest segmentation

Learn how to leverage the understanding of your guest's needs and preferences to fine tune your upselling efforts.


Learn to distinguish the two main types of personalisation and how they take shape in everyday hotel operations.


Learn which three aspects you must leverage to advance from personalisation to hyper-personalisation.

RIght guest, Right channel, Right offer, Right price, Right time.

Learn about the main aspects to take into consideration when creating personalised offers for your guests.

Meet the speaker

Upsell course level 2 carmen

Onboarding Specialist

Carmen Istrate

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