Global Revenue Forum

Three events staged simultaneously in London, Milan and Stockholm will livestream content to multiple locations across Europe with the best of each event shown online. Throughout the day, participants in Global Revenue Forum will share best practice and build community in revenue management across the hospitality industry.

What you can expect

Expand your network

Join commercial leaders, digital marketing and revenue management specialists for a day of industry shaping debate, transformational thought leadership and unparalleled networking.

Make sense of a changing industry

The event provides industry outlooks, guest speakers from within and outside the hotel industry, master classes, exhibitions, workshops, and crash courses.

Meet the techstack your hotel needs

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Meet Oaky team at the event

COF Erik Tegen COF Erik Tegen5 W0 A3912


Erik Tengen

Meet Erik in London

SLS Rupert Gutteridge 8

Head of Sales

Ruper Gutteridge

Meet Rupert in London

SLS Petar Radev

Account Executive

Petar Radev

Meet Petar in London

SLS Allison Chambers 9

Sales Manager

Allison Chambers

Meet Allison in London

CS Michel Guerreiro 5 W0 A4687

Customer Success Manager

Michel Guerreiro

Meet Michel in London

SLS Loïc Gabriël

Sales Manager

Loïc Gabriël

Meet Loïc in Stockholm

CS Tommy Voordouw 2108105

Implementation Specialist

Tommy Voordouw

Meet Tommy in Stockholm

SLS Samantha Noll

Sales Manager

Samantha Noll

Meet Samantha in Milan

MKT Marieke Wisse 2

Head of Marketing

Marieke Wisse

Meet Marieke in Milan

MKT Fabrizia Sant Elia 13

PR & Event Manager

Fabrizia Sant'Elia

Meet Fabrizia in Milan

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