Front Desk Upsell


  • Attract and retain talent

    Provide rewards and incentives for successful upsells. Set up a positive competition through the Gamification feature and encourage your team to sell more.

  • Drive 3 to 9 times more upsell revenue

    Thanks to smart automated upselling prompts based on your segmentation, availability and dynamic pricing rules, you can boost your TRevPAR, and hence, upsell revenue.

  • Save time and boost productivity

    Synced with your PMS, Oaky pushes data on purchased room upgrades/services into your PMS. Automated reporting and benchmarking eliminate the need for spreadsheets to keep track of upsells and calculate commission earnings manually.

How it works

  1. Your front desk agents get access to an easy-to-navigate dashboard with available room upgrades, services, prices and guest reservation data.

  2. With real-time prompts from the Oaky dashboard, front desk agents can suggest the most relevant upsells to guests.

  3. Your PMS updates automatically as soon as the purchased room upgrade/service appears in the Oaky system.

In a nutshell

Automate your front desk upselling by offering relevant upgrades & services upon check-in  Oaky’s recommendation engine. Your front desk agents get instant access to the information they need for more successful upsells, such as room upgrades/services availability, pricing as well as guest reservation data. This functionality is designed to transform front desk agents into upselling superstars, boosting revenue and keeping employees happy and motivated

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