Integraties Asksuite

Oaky + asksuite

Let your chatbot do the upselling for you.

Oaky - No.1 Upsell tool for hotels (Oaky Demo)
Oaky - No.1 Upsell tool for hotels (Oaky Demo)


  • Upsell automatically

    Upsell live via chat on your hotel's website.

  • Increase the efficiency of your team

    Reduce the number of emails, phone calls and messages. Your guests can book a deal directly from the conversation with the chatbot.

  • Level up communication

    Avoid lengthy conversations and save your guests time and effort.

  • Turn FAQ into incremental revenue

    Offer actionable ways to answer requests. Seize direct upselling opportunities before guests search for items like parking, restaurants and activities elsewhere.

  • Enhance guest experience

    Proactively offer guests relevant ancillary revenue services that will make their stay unmissable.

  • Save costs

    Automate both your response and upselling efforts to make your live chat self-sufficient.