Oaky Awards 2024

Reveal your deal! Apply now for the "Most Creative Upselling" Award
Oaky Awards 2024 1

Oaky Awards are back! Do you have the Deal you sell via Oaky your guests rave about? Submit your application for the Most Creative Upselling Awards and claim your chance to win!

How can I apply for the Oaky Awards?

You can submit your application for the "Most Creative Upselling" category using the form above.

The winners of the Oaky Best Performer, Oaky Best Front Desk Upseller and Upselling Ambassador will be selected by the Oaky Committee.

When will the winners be announced?

We will announce the winner in all three categories on our blog and LinkedIn on 23 April.

When does the application for the Oaky Awards 2024 close?

The application will be closed on 8 April.

Take home the coveted Most Creative Upselling Award