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A new airport pick-up experience for hotel guests

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Over 7 million travelers stay in Amsterdam hotels each year. Many of these guests arrive at Schiphol airport and have no idea how to reach their final stop. Taxi? Public transport? Horse and carriage? The confusion of post-flight transport is a potential pain-point in every customer’s journey.

When a guest has a poor travel experience before they arrived at the hotel, it becomes the hotel’s problem to deal with. At the same time, this creates an opportunity: To solve the problem earlier in the traveler’s journey.

From teaming up, Oaky and Taxi Electric help hotels to upsell airport transfers before arrival. Hotels are in a unique position because they have guest data that makes pre-arrival communication possible. Oaky uses this data to offer personalized upgrades and services to guests while they’re still at home. By providing an easy way to book Taxi Electric, the partnership creates an excellent transfer experience from the Airport to the hotel.

“Convenience is king”, says Erik Tengen, co-founder of Oaky. “The value of technology lies in personalized offers that wow the customer and provide an (up-sell) opportunity to the hotel. With Taxi Electric, we can create a positive guest experience by ensuring that the guest has arranged a smooth ride to the hotel before they arrive at Schiphol.”

“By offering hassle-free fixed price pickups, we solve one of the major dissatisfiers to traveling hotel guests. By clearly informing guests, we help them skipping the Schiphol Airport taxi jungle. Transferring guests in an electric vehicle with selected, friendly drivers extends the Butler experience that hotels want to provide their guests” says Edvard Hendriksen, co-founder of Taxi Electric.

To verify if hotel guests would order airport transfers before arrival, Taxi Electric and Oaky started a two-month pilot with Hotel Casa in Amsterdam. The outcome showed a significant interest in the taxi service from the airport to the hotel, where 50 times more airport transfers had been booked after having started the offering by Oaky.

Hans Vugts, General Manager at Hotel Casa explains: ”From the moment we started this pilot, we received very positive feedback from our (corporate) guests. They said they were very happy with the service, it saved time and it was good for the environment. We have also noticed this in our reviews: “No more waiting in line and hoping that you don’t pay too much” It adds value to the total experience of Amsterdam in general.”

How does it work? Taxi Electric’s guest experience starts before arrival, where the service is offered and booked with Oaky through the hotel. When the plane lands at Schiphol Airport, Taxi Electric sends an SMS welcoming the guest to the pickup point where the driver is waiting. Thanks to the fixed fee that Taxi Electric offers, the guest is driven directly to the hotel without having to worry about the costs. Upon arrival, the guest pays the driver and enters the hotel with a great first impression of the hotel, the city of Amsterdam and their stay.

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